Cost of removal

The cost of removal, for example, a professional office removal depends on numerous factors and is calculated by our specialist according to all details and specific features. Our valuer will visit you absolutely free of charge and this visit will not oblige you to anything. There are never two similar removals, and calculating the cost we take into account the following factors:

• Removal conditions, availability of freight lifts during working hours, a car park, remoteness of the place of loading from the vehicle, office flooring, and so on;

• Delivery of a file cabinet, safes and other heavy equipment, transportation of a server;

• List of services included in the cost;

• Amount of the required packaging;

• Number of specialists, vehicles and their time of work;

• Delivery of fragile objects (aquaria, models, and etc.);

• Conditions at the new address.

Our valuer will take into account all details of your removal, will listen to your wishes and comments and will answer all your questions.

After the evaluation has been completed, you will get a commercial offer with the cost of works and the list of services included and not included in the cost.

Cost of removal of 1 workstation

from RUB 1,520 (the price depends on the number of workstations (the more workstations, the lower the price), the quality of the furniture, on whether it needs to be pieced together/taken apart, the number of personal belongings of employees and other factors)

Tariffs for the delivery of cargoes in Moscow and the Moscow region within the limits of up to 10 km from the Moscow Ring Road (direct route)

Type of vehicle (weight, space) Up to
400 kg,
up to 1 m3
Up to 1.4 t,
up to 6m3
Up to 1.5 t,
up to 10 m3
Up to 3 t,
up to 14 m3
Up to 5 t,
up to 30 m3
Up to 10,
t up to 40 m3
Up to 20 t,
up to 82 m3
Up to 20 t,
up to 120 m3
Minimum price (RUB) 900 2,900 550
Cost of 1 km (further than the included 10 km)
beyond the Moscow Ring Road, RUB.
10 10 15 15 20 25 30 35
Night delivery (from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m.): • Within the city + RUB1,000
• Up to 100 km beyond the city limits + RUB3,000
Forwarding: + 1 h
Route: • To the Third Ring Road + RUB500
• To the ring railway + RUB500
• To the Garden Ring Road + RUB1,000
Type of loading: • Side loading +RUB1,000
• Top loading+RUB3,000
• Tail lift +RUB500
+ Place of loading: + RUB1,500
+ Place of unloading: + RUB1,500

Minimum order: 4 h + 1 h (vehicle arrival)

Quotes for Additional Storage Services

Safe storage: 15 EURO/m3/month (personal belongings)
Automated handling with a terminal: 100 RUB/package
Manual handling with a terminal: 2 RUB/kg
Services of 1 packer (at least -5 hours): 450 RUB/h
Services of 1 remover (unless one package is more than 60 kg in weight) (at least 5 hours): 400 RUB/h
Services of 1 handler (unless one package is more than 60 kg in weight) (at least 5 hours): 500 RUB/h
Insurance: calculated individually depending on the type of the cargo, the route, the weight and the amount
Packaging: 1,000 RUB/m3
Waste processing: 1,000 RUB/m3
Marking 10 RUB/package
Warehousing 1,000 RUB/day
Crate 4,000 RUB/m3
Fumigated crate 6000 RUB/m3

* the prices are given in roubles

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